Frequently Asked Questions

Adminstrative Concerns

For any information for the new MASTERPIECE Season: Refer to this link 

The EARLY BIRD discount cut of date for this MASTERPIECE season is 17 Nov 2023 10am SGT.

The latest you can register for this season is 31 Jan 2024 10am SGT.

Yes, please contact our Competition Team for quotations. Email  

No. FLL Explore is strictly for children aged between 6 – 9 years old.

No, you will need to register one team per one challenge kit order.

 No, you are not required to purchase the number challenge kits based on the number of teams registered.

Schools/organizations will only be required to report to the competition venue during the allocated registration timing. No extensions will be given for teams who are late for their competition.

No, lunch will not be provided for the students. Lunch breaks are not required as participants will not stay at the campus for the whole day. Instead, participants will be scheduled in staggered timing to report to the venue.

Canteen in the campus will not be available for FLL participants.

Yes, students are allowed to bring their snacks and to be consumed during their break time.
However, do note that no food and drinks are allowed at level 4 gymnasium.

To promote sustainability and to reduce wastage, students are encouraged to bring their water bottles for the event and there are designated water dispensers available on the campus.

During the Qualifier round, we will pass the certificates of participation to the respective coaches along with the team ID tag.

Yes, we would like to acknowledge the student’s effort and dedication put in for this
competition, hence, students that registered for this event will still receive the certificate of participation. Please email us at

Each participant will be given an event ID tag with a lanyard. They will be wearing it
throughout the competition so that referees and judges can easily identify their team number.
Teams who will be attending the finals on 16th March are required to bring back their event ID tag for the finals.

To promote sustainability, we encourage all participants to return the lanyard to the event organizer so that we can reuse it for other events.

Overseas teams, schools/organizations who are not located in Singapore, will only be eligible for Overseas Category. In the Overseas category, there will only be Champion, 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up awards. 

No, Overseas Teams will not be eligible to represent Singapore for any International FIRST LEGO League competitions such as the World Festival.

For the qualifier round, teams are expected to spend approximately 2.5 – 3 hours in the campus to complete the presentation and robot games segment. During the finals, teams are expected to spend approximately 4.5 – 5 hours for robot games final and award ceremony.

Challenge Category Awards

  • Judges Award
    • Best New-Comer Award
    • Coopertition®  Award
    • Engineering Excellence Award
    • Rising All Star Award
    • Best Coach Award 
    • Gracious Professionalism Award 
    • Best Costume Award

  • Presentation Award
    • Innovation Award
    • Robot Design Award
    • Core Values Award


  • Robot Games Award 
    • Robot Performance Award Primary 
    • Robot Performance Award Secondary

  • Championship Award
    • Overall Champion
    • 1st Runner Up Primary 
    • 1st Runner Up Secondary 
    • 2nd Runner Up Primary 
    • 2nd Runner Up Secondary

  • Overseas Team Award 
    • Overall Overseas Team Champion 
    • 1st Runner Up 
    • 2nd Runner Up 


Explore Category Awards

  • Championship Award 
    • Overall Champion Award
    • 1st Runner Up
    • 2nd Runner Up

  • Presentation Award
    • Coding Award 
    • Team Model Award 
    • Challenge Solution Award
    • Core Values Award

  • Special Award
    • Team Spirit Award
    • Construction Award
    • Most Explosive Award
    • Effort and Learning Award
    • Amazing Movement Award
    • Gracious Professionalism Award
    • Best New-Comer Award
    • Rising All Star Award
    • Best Presenter Award

Certainly. Upon registration, please notify the competition team if you have any specific requirements, such as the use of the elevator or the need for assistance due to any personal reasons. The committee will review the requests based on a case by case basis. Email us at

Please email and we will get back to you within 3 – 5 working days.

Security Clearance

Each team will have a maximum of 1 coach to accompany the teams during the competition.

All coaches must submit their name and contact details via email by stipulated deadline. We will assist with the security clearance prior to the event. Please print a copy of the FLL logo and place it in front of your vehicle.

They will need to register at the main entrance security area with their identification card and exchange for a visitor pass.

Coaches & Parents

Due to space constraints and the safety of CIS students, all parents and visitors are not allowed to enter the campus on 14 March.

However, on 15 and 16 March, parents and visitors are allowed to enter the CIS campus where there will be a dedicated viewing area at level 5 Gymnasium for parents to view the robot games competition.

Parents and visitors who like to view the competition and register at the CIS security guard post to exchange for a visitor pass.

Yes, parents are allowed to drop off and pick up your child on 14 March at the drop off area (Atrium Lobby). However, if the campus is too crowded, we will not allow parents to wait at the atrium lobby.

Yes, only coaches are allowed to accompany the students throughout the competition process. However, they are not allowed to enter the presentation classroom nor the robot games playfield.

The role of the coach is to ensure the safety and well-being of the students are well taken care of. They will guide the teams from the atrium lobby to the presentation area and to the gymnasium for their robot game. There is a designated route to take when traveling from one point to another. Please follow this guide and/or our ushers will lead you the way.

A maximum of 1 coach per team is allowed to accompany the students. He/she must wear the coach lanyard at all times for verification purposes.

Where is FIRST® LEGO® League Singapore located at?