No Volunteers Description Time Commitment (No of event days) Minimum Age Requirement Duty Description
1 Referee 2 16

Referees are responsible for knowing and understanding the rules and scoring for the robot game table. These volunteers are in charge of the tables, scoring matches, and staying on schedule at their table. Referees are overseen by the Head Referee. Volunteers that make good referees are comfortable being accurate and staying on-time despite a noisy and hectic competition environment.

(Training will be provided) Preferably with some robotic experiences.

2 Score Keeper 2 16 These volunteers assist in entering the data from the scoresheets into the scoring display software for the robot game.
3 Score Runner 2 14 These volunteers assist in collecting scoresheets and pass it to the scorekeepers after each competition round
4 Timekeepers 2 16 These volunteers assist in keeping track of time for the teams during presentation and robot game each round.
5 Crowd Control 2 16

These volunteers helps to direct the human traffic, keep the crowd in order and ensure safety in the event area. A crowd controller needs to be constantly alert and not easily distracted with the environment.

6 Liaison Officer 2 16 Liaisons officers manage and guides their assigned participating teams throughout the competition, escort them to and fro the different locations for the competition.
7 Usher 2 14 These volunteers guide and provide direction for the teams and the public.
8 Registration 2 16 These volunteers assist in the registration for all the teams for both project presentation and robotic competition days.
9 Audio/Video Assistants 1 16 These volunteers assist in the operation of the A/V (Slides show, video, presentations) during the presentation day.
10 Emcee 1 18 These volunteers will be public voice of the competition to bring out the fun and excitement during the event.


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