FUNtastic Challenge

Date: 29th April | 11AM to 4PM

Venue: Tech Saturday by Infocomm Media Authority of Singapore (IMDA), Central location

Registration fees:
For Registered Schools (representing MOE or ECDA/MOE registered schools) | FREE
For Private | $53.50
Team members: 3 to 5

Age: 6 to 9 year olds

What to prepare?
Absolutely nothing!

What to expect?
Teams will be tasked to create a model from the design library; Frog, Gorilla, Spider, Snake and Mantis. Participants will be guided to build using three pictures. Teams will then have to program and build the model within the stipulated time given.


Get creative!
They will then build their habitat using the extra LEGO bricks as well as the bee model.

Children love a good tale!
Students will collect their fun facts that will be provided to them and create a story related to this season’s challenge theme.

Judges review
Teams will display their end product and story-tell their experience.

Secret mission
Teams will work on the secret mission 4 teams at a time. The mission will only be known on challenge day.

List of Awards

Master Programmer Award– For a team that utilizes outstanding programming principles, including clear, concise and reusable code that allows their robot to perform challenge missions autonomously and consistently.
Construction Innovation Award– For demonstrating an ability to think creatively. This team created excellent designs and built quality components without any instructions or outside assistance.
Lil’ Einstein Award
This team showed their true brainy ways. They exhibited in-depth knowledge of their model and the challenge theme topic.


Registrations Open! FUNtastic Challenge 2017

Venue: Tech Saturday by Infocomm Media Authority of Singapore (IMDA), Central location